Jigsaw puzzle game for Windows

BigJig is the best game for those who love big jigsaw puzzles.
You can change the number of pieces in puzzle by choosing pieces size.
You can choose out of eight shape styles: Classic, Modern, Curl, Artistic, Bony, Scrappy, Distorted, and Spriggy.
The puzzle can have a plain or shaped frame. Or you can choose the edgeless pieces style to encrease the difficulty.
You can play with or without pieces rotation. Pieces can be rotated by mouse clicking or by turning the mouse wheel.
There are two main windows and four pockets in the game to store and arrange pieces. You can select a group of pieces to move them, transfer to the second playing window or to a pocket, or to arrange them in a grid.
You can use the magnifying glass to examine small pieces.
The game supports different languages.
On the site you can download a new free jigsaw puzzle every week.
After registration, you will get the set of more than 300 extra jigsaw puzzles made of professional photos and famous paintings.

You will also get JigMake - a simple jigsaw puzzle creator.

Download BigJig

Game screenshots

Jigsaw puzzle collection for registered users

The jigsaw collection includes more than 300 puzzles made of professional photos and famous paintings (you can see it below).

To make your own jigsaw puzzles, download JigMake - a simple jigsaw puzzle maker.

The jigsaw sets are available for registered users only. Click here to know how to register.

Registering BigJig

Registration fee The registration includes:
$19.95 Extra jigsaw puzzles (more than 300)
JigMake utility for making your own jigsaws

Very useful info

Image galleries for jigsaw lovers Visit these image galleries to find pictures for you own jigsaw puzzles.
A new free jigsaw every week Here you can download a free jigsaw puzzle. New every week, yes.
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