Gothic Castle Solitaire


The Gothic Castle is a two-decks patience. The game is begun by dealing 12 cards to the tableau. Aces and Kings are dealt to the eight foundations. The remaining cards form the stock.


The object of the game is to build eight foundation piles: up in suit on Aces (from Ace to King) and down in suit on Kings (from King to Ace).


The corner tableau cards can be played to any foundation. The rest tableau cards can be played only to the foundations in the same row.

Empty tableau spaces cannot be filled.

In Figure, 2 and 2 from the corner tableau can be played to foundations.

After you have exhausted all the plays among the tableaus and foundations, click the stock to deal twelve cards more. When the stock is exhausted, you can build tableau piles in descending or ascending order in suit.

When you find that you can do no plays more, click the stock to collect the cards and deal them again without shuffling.

The stock can be redealt three times.